What was your first experience at Ahhh Sweet Balance like?

I’ll never forget the first time I came here both of you were here (Sandra and Chanelle) and it was very clear how much you both respected each other and how much you loved this place and that felt really good. I loved that it’s small and intimate. There were woman who were maybe my moms age and a few people my age and I just loved that everyone was so nice and friendly and I just fell in love. It wasn’t clicky. Everyone wore whatever they wanted. It was definitely love at first sight. 

How does ASB make you feel?

Incredible. I feel really strong when I leave. I feel like I’ve done things that I didn’t really think I could do both in Gentle Yin Yoga Stretch and the Balanced Body classes but in different ways. I’ve always had a hard time quieting my mind and being present and the Gentle Yin Yoga Stretch, I was like oh my god! This is not really about physical exertion. It was so much more than that and for me being able to listen, follow instructions and letting go...that was amazing. 

( In conversation with Chanelle about Gentle Yin Yoga Stretch )

I love the way you describe why we’re doing what we’re doing in class. I really love that. I don’t remember ever hearing that in the past at other studios.  I love that you talk about what each thing ( pose ) is doing. I love when you tell us to smile and to relax our jaw. I clench my teeth constantly. When I go to bed at night,I can hear your voice  “create space.”. I really think about it.  Another thing is I know you believe in what you’re saying and that it’s something that you live in. You’re just so authentic. 

The Balanced Body classes are really hard. I’m not an athletic person. People look at me and assume that I am because I’m small but I just have a really fast metabolism. All of my family members are tiny peanuts but it doesn’t mean I’m good at sports and things like that. I really have to push through the shaking and burning - it’s not pain but it’s really good. 

I feel really strong, proud and independent too because I come here on my own. I don’t feel like I need to drag a friend with me and that’s big. 

What is ASB to you?

First and foremost I have to say how welcoming it is here. That’s really important. I feel like all people would want to walk in and feel great in a way that makes them feel warm and fuzzy and that’s what you get here.  I have to say that you really will leave here feeling so good about yourself. It might not be what I feel, strong and independent but I can’t imagine anyone walking out and not feeling this array of positive emotions. If you want to be surrounded by really good people that are doing things that are really good for you body and your mind and your soul, then this is the place to do it.

Have you had a transformation since coming to ASB?

I’m a work in progress. I’m on the road to be healthier. Mostly in my mind. That’s the journey that I’m on. I’ve struggled with anxiety and long term pesky illnesses that won’t kill me but they’re frustrating. I have IBS, a thyroid condition and unexplainable infertility. All of these things that have been a weight on my shoulders but when I’m here, I’m lighter. 

I’m going to be 35 in March,  and when I grow up, I want to be like Chanelle and Sandra. 

You guys are awesome! 

Sweet Balance 

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