Meet Ellen Lynch,  ASB (family) Member 

Were you actively looking for yoga when you found Ahhh Sweet Balance?

Well, I had been practicing yoga at a local gym and then I was injured so I had to quit for a while. Then I wanted something more intimate.  When I first started at Ahhh Sweet Balance I just had wrist surgery. I had a plate & pins put in my hand. I also had a partial frozen shoulder. In addition to a hip injury. I was doing a lot of physical therapy and going to the chiropractor. They actually told me to stop doing the movements that I was doing in class but I noticed as I continued to do the yoga, pilates and barre classes that my hips started to readjust on their own. So I quit going to physical therapy and the Chiropractor. 

Now, I have zero pain. Really, no pain. I have full motion in my shoulder. My hips are fine and so is my wrist.  Plus, I think for me, I really needed the intimacy of a smaller studio and a lot more emotional well being that I didn’t get at any other place but found here. 

What was the first class you took at ASB?

The gentle yoga stretch was my first class and it was the first time I’ve ever experienced anything like that. I went home feeling like a million dollars. I really, really did. I just felt so emotionally healed. I was going through a lot at the time. My mom was sick and then had passed away so it was a really healing time for me and it continues to heal me even now. 

How would you describe Gentle Yoga Stretch?

Well, when people ask me about it I say it’s more of a holistic approach. It’s not a fast paced yoga. You’re on the floor. It’s sort of finding yourself and there’s so much emotional stuff for me. I find with all of the stretches and positions that we come into that it it’s just so healing and I don’t know how else to say it. I’ve felt like I was elevated a few times. It’s sort of amazing. 

How do you feel about the ASB community?

I love it. It’s so different then a gym or the big classes. I love being one of the older people at the studio. I really love being around all the people here. Especially the younger ladies that are like my daughter. It’s fun to be practicing with all of the different ages. I feel like this is my family now. I really do. 

What’s the biggest transformation you’ve seen from coming here?

Ohhhh, my emotional well being. Ya big.  I’ve had a lot of trauma and stress in my life the last five years. The people in my life can see. Even my sister who lives in Seattle, (she’s my best friends) say’s “wow, I can see what that yoga has done for you.”

It’s also given me permission to take care of myself. I come a lot. Years ago I wouldn’t  have allowed myself to do that. 

There are times that I feel like I want to cry because emotionally this group is so healing for me. I really feel like this is my family. It’s just so different here.

For anyone who is afraid to experience yoga or thinks that yoga is not for them or they’re not flexible or fit enough, what would you say to them?

Oh, You can do anything.  You don’t have to be thin. You don’t have to be flexible.  You don’t have to be anything, you just come and do what you can do. You just feel so good. There’s no pressure. In all the classes the teachers always say “don’t worry about your neighbor” and that’s important because often times in class you’re next to someone who’s really flexible and you think you’re doing it wrong. But there’s no wrong way. If you feel good there’s no wrong way. And just again, it’s so good for you emotionally to be here. I think the best part for me and I think this goes for everybody, is at the end of class, that touch that everyone gets. I love it. I really do. It’s like my favorite part. Ya, that’s a really important piece. 

I’ve just fallen in love with all of you!


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