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3 Yoga Poses To Smooth Fine Lines, Reduce Dark Circles and Double Chins.

Chanelle Camire

Chanelle (Sha-neil) is a MindBody medicine enthusiast • Book hoarder & Education JunkieShe’s also a lover of or slightly obsessed with bullet poin...

Chanelle (Sha-neil) is a MindBody medicine enthusiast • Book hoarder & Education JunkieShe’s also a lover of or slightly obsessed with bullet poin...

Nov 17 3 minutes read

There are endless physical, mental, emotional and energetic benefits to having a consistent yoga practice. Here are few poses that will enhance your esthetic appearance. I have a feeling you're going to like these poses a lot more after learning how they can smooth fine lines, brighten and tone your skin while reducing dark circles, bags and age spots. 

Smooth out worry lines and scowl with a yummy child's pose. 

Ahhh, this pose feels so good! By having our head below our heart, we'll increase circulation to our face. So if your skin has been looking dull and lack luster, this will brighten you right up. A.K.A: the yoga glow! With your head resting on a block or on the floor, begin to slowly rock your head side to side. Gently massaging your entire forehead. This will stimulate your lymphatic system. Our toxins are stored in this dormant system, that only massage, exercise and belly laughter can stimulate for detoxification. This will soften wrinkles along the forehead and scowl between the brows.

Gomukhasana - Cow Face PoseOur skin is always communicating what's going on in our internal environment. Typically if we're highly toxic our skin will become acneic, it will scar easily, we'll have hyper pigmentation (dark spots) and our eyes will be dark and puffy. This arm and shoulder stretch is a great way to stimulate our lymph nodes for detoxification. It's very important to drink lots of water after yoga practice to flush toxins from your body as urination is the best way to do that!

 Because this pose is so powerful, it's recommended for breast cancer prevention.

Urdhva Dhanurasana - Wheel Pose

You're going to love this one.....

The double-chin toner! So good right. With our head below our heart, we'll receive the benefits of aging with grace by toning our neck & throat plus a beautiful rosy glow free of charge. Not so intimidating anymore huh?! I bet you can't wait to do your next back bend now. If you're a beginner, definitely try this. Your teacher will love to help you get into it. 

Now the most important piece of this practice is to practice consistently. Yoga helps us to become more aware of our thoughts which supports us in changing our unhealthy behaviors. Whatever is happening in our mind, is going to show up onto our face. Sadness = sagging. Over thinking = scowl. Anger = wrinkles. During your next yoga practice, allow the pose to do it's work on you. Allow it to transform who you are from the inside out. Always remember that "Beauty is health made visible." 

Recipe for graceful aging:

1. Exercise / Yoga 2. Massage 3. Deep belly laughter

So let's all move, be nurtured and have a good ole time!!!

Much love!

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