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"Letting go" of the hurry

Chanelle Camire

Chanelle (Sha-neil) is a MindBody medicine enthusiast • Book hoarder & Education JunkieShe’s also a lover of or slightly obsessed with bullet poin...

Chanelle (Sha-neil) is a MindBody medicine enthusiast • Book hoarder & Education JunkieShe’s also a lover of or slightly obsessed with bullet poin...

Nov 17 6 minutes read

“Letting go” of the hurry


---> Savoring the moments in between <---

We all suffer from the hurry. It comes from the best of intentions but brings out the most distracted, frustrated, depleted sides of ourselves. 

So lets all pivot and slow our trains down. Life is always showing us signs to "slow down, yield, stop" but we rarely listen and find ourselves deep into circumstances and wonder "how the hell did I get here???"

and so we practice!

To continue on with our monthly practice for July - Aparigraha - The art of letting go

let's all savor the ---> in between <--- moments 

Many of us feel that we are the victim of our circumstances because we are sacrificing and working so hard. 

Rushing here, going there......

But this isn't the truth, it's just a story.

A story that we need to work our asses off, grind, sweat, go go go and torture ourselves to exhaustion and resentment for a little bit of gain. The irony of it all is that we get so burned out that we never even get to enjoy what we’ve created because we’re too focused on complaining about the work and then caught up in the getting to whatever’s next.

When building or creating anything, naturally we just want the finished project. It'll be great when it's done. Then it's done and we find ourselves sad that it's over. 

We see it in planning a wedding, meditating, getting over a breakup, cleaning the house, doing our work, raising children, exercising and really almost everywhere.

Take a breath in & let it all go - ahhh

And so here it is. A practice for “letting go” of all the hurrying.

Here are a few ideas on how we can let go of the hurry and add a whole lot more of sweetness into our lives:


• When we see our intimate partners - savor the kiss, the hug, the eye contact, the feeling of a warm hug, the passing by of each other with an inviting smile. Bring each other back onto the fore front of your mind the way you did when you first began dating. 

Psychotherapist Deana Bacon shares that the most common reason for divorce is not money or children, it's that partners have ended the "courting phase" in their relationships. Successful relationships are making their partners a priority and continue dating each other."

• The to do list ---> Put it down. When your partner comes home, just connect. Bring back the flirting & warm embraces. The “stuff” will always get done. Savor the love that you have. Nothing is permanent. 

• Breakups - I think we can all agree we’d like to fast forward through these. It sucks, but we can learn so much about ourselves during this time. Allow yourself to fully feel all of your feels and let them move through you by keeping your heart wide open. They will transform you in the healthiest ways if you allow it. Savor a wide open broken hurting heart for it will grow into the strongest, discerning open & loving kind of heart. 


• I get it, you’re tired, it’s the end of the day and you just want to be done but kids don’t have the capacity to understand that nor is it their responsibility. Allow their focus for joy to rub off on you. 

• Bath time - Let them soak, play & swim before it’s time to get to business with all the washing. Take this time for yourself to just watch them be. Feel yourself breath and unwind from your day

• Dinner time - Allow them to enjoy their food. Many of us are just stuffing food into our mouths and get frustrated with kids that play with their food. Imagine if we all ate as slowly as kids do?  We would have a whole lot less belly aches, bloating and mindless overeating. 

Children are experts in teaching us how to savor all moments. They are our best teachers! Allow them to slow you down.


• Eating - Practice placing your eating utensils down after each bite and just savor the chew with all the flavors, textures, and mouth watering goodness. Slow down & chew more!


• Let go of perfection and waiting to be happy - “I’ll be happy when I lose 20 lbs, when I get back to where I used to be, once I fit back into those jeans…...This is like a dog chasing it’s tail. There’s nowhere to go!  Instead, fully embrace your journey to becoming healthier. Notice how you feel before & after a yoga or fitness class. Stop focusing on trying to burn calories and explore ways to move your body that make you feel alive

• Yoga - Allow yourself to just be in the pose vs. waiting to get out of it to see what the next pose will be, to hurry up and get into the next pose. Notice the stress that 's created from hurrying up to get relaxed. Oxymoron? Yes!


• Notice the pause after you breathe in. Savor the sensation of being full. Loving let go as you exhale and savor being empty. Savor the in between and enjoy a sense of stillness and calm. 


• Face washing, teeth brushing, body moisturizing - Notice fully being in these moments. Do you aggressively brush your teeth to “get it done”, do you scrub your face or gently cleanse your day away? How do you take care of yourself?

There’s so many places that we can implement this practice. 

Start by noticing. Become aware and then simply Practice…..

“Letting go” of the hurry


---> Savoring the moments in between <---

Much love,


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