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5 Ways Yoga Will Change Your Life.


5 Ways Yoga Will Change Your Life

 So let us not forget, we can begin practicing yoga from any starting point, but if we are to be complete human beings, we must incorporate all aspects of ourselves, and do so step by step.”  T.K.S. Desikachar

When you start to practice yoga, you will witness your whole life transform. 

It doesn’t matter what brought you to your mat; a good stretch, or a new workout. Yoga will begin to show up in every area of your life. Why? Because a yoga practice requires every area of you.

Yoga happens when your mind, body, and spirit are brought to the present moment. A yoga class is a way to practice this with physical poses (Asanas).  

Inviting your whole self into the poses you practice in yoga, will get you used to being present with your whole self. Being fully present in your life will bring about some big changes. 


Here are five things you will start to notice...

1. Your Attitude Will Change

As you turn the light of awareness on your emotions during your yoga practice, you will notice something. Emotion and attitude ebb and flow. You felt annoyed in plank pose and then a moment later felt really happy in Warrior 1. With this insight, your body starts to learn that emotions aren’t a reliable way to measure the whole of your experience. Your feelings are real, yes, but they’re very fickle, prone to change. Just because you were annoyed for one moment, didn’t mean your whole practice was annoying. 

Off your mat, someone may cut you off in traffic. You feel angry. You swear, you blare your horn. And then, because what your body has learned on your mat, you are able to move on with your day. One moment of anger didn’t ruin your Monday. 

2. Your Taste Will Change

The practice of yoga invites you to listen to your body. The mind is only part of you. It is not your whole self. There is intelligence, wisdom, and insight in every cell of your body. 

As you begin listening to and honoring the voice of your body in class, you will begin to see your body wants what is best for you. 

You will start to crave tastes, scents, smells, sounds, and environments that serve your best health. It may be a little different than what your mind thought was best. As you start to listen, your body will tell you through sensations like pain and pleasure, what lifestyle changes you will need to make. And because you honor your body, you will want these changes. 

3. Your Relationships Will Change

This is a direct result of changes #1 & #2. Shifts in your attitude and taste will not go unnoticed by the people around you. Not to mention, when you are fully aware, you start to notice people and relationships in a new light. 

This one can be tough. Like the food you eat and the places you go, the people around you have a profound impact on your well being. Your body will crave healthy people, not just healthy food. It may have been relatively easy to drink less wine because an ensuing headache and insomnia no longer served you. It may be much more difficult to cut out time with an old friend because their behavior is abusive. Hang in there. All of this is a practice. As you gain the courage to honor your body’s physical needs, courage will come to honor your relational needs. 

4. Your Vision Will Change

One day on your mat, you will touch your toes! You will remember a time when you used to say, “I can’t touch my toes.” Then, you will wonder what other things you once thought were impossible are actually possible. 

In tune with your whole self, you will begin to dream more. You will begin to see that you can achieve dreams, with practice, step by step. You can learn a language. You can save money. You can travel. You can let go of a toxic relationship. You can do all of this because your vision is now open. You see possibilities. You see your potential. You see that you are worth it. 

5. You’ll Realize You Didn’t Change.

You are no longer a slave to your emotions. You have begun to honor the healthy things your body craves. You have begun to intentionally surround yourself with people that edify you. You dream more. 

My, have you changed! But have you really? 

No, you realize. You may have changed some habits, perspectives, diet, relationships, and environments. But all of this was not to change you. All of this change was necessary to be you. Pure, whole you was there all along. 

The Light In Me, Shines & Bows To The Light In You.

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