Fundamentals of YOUR yoga Alignment and freedom around your spine, pelvis, and shoulders

Friday, Dec. 8th - Sunday, Dec. 10th

Join Elizabeth April to dive deep into YOUR specific alignment for YOUR vinyasa-based yoga practice.

The weekend will start off studying and even measuring your bone-structure to dictate alignment, discussion on the importance of balancing your body’s strength and flexibility, as well as understanding what good and bad stress looks and feels like in our bodies. These discussions will be highly focused around the spine, shoulders, and pelvis.

We will continue with two, 2.5 hour workshops, bringing this knowledge into our asana practice, creating healthy alignment for your practice and your body specifically within the spine, shoulders, and pelvis.

Hitting upon some of the most common postures in a vinyasa-based class, you will leave the weekend with some fundamental knowledge to carry along with you onto your mat, cultivating freedom in your body to move and breath more fluidly.

Open to all levels, including beginners, experienced practitioners and fellow teachers. <3


Friday | Dec. 8 th | 6:45 - 8:15 PM

Part I – 90 minutes – YOUR alignment

· Discover and investigate alignment within your body based on your specific structure. We will measure carrying angles, wrist extension, etc…

· Discuss healthy stress for your bodies

· Discuss sympathetic nervous system

· Discuss balance between strength and flexibility in your practice

Saturday | Dec. 9 th | 12 - 2:30 pm

Part II – 2.5 hours – THE FUNDAMENTALS
· Alignment using takeaways from YOUR ALIGNMENT

o Re-thinking your Surya Namaskara

o External + Neutral Standing Postures

Sunday | Dec. 10 th | 11:30 - 2 pm

Part III – 2.5 hours – THE FUNDAMENTALS
· Alignment using takeaways from YOUR ALIGNMENT

o Backbends

o Inversions

o Arm Balances

We highly encourage students to take this entire course, however you have the option to drop into specific days. 

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Fundamentals of YOUR yoga Alignment

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